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Ok, so i havent seriously updated this thing in forever. Stupid myspace...its addicting.

Today's sunday and that sucks reallly bad cuz that means the long weekend is over and we have to go back to school :-( damnnn

my vaca was kinda boring. I honestly couldnt pick out one really good thing that happened...just bad stuff.

Wednesday i went shopping with my annoying aunt

Thursday i had to play in band at the football game in the freezing cold and rain...but they won. then i ate food and went to see Harry Potter with the fam. then i got ditched.

Fridayy i went to riding in the am. that was prob the best part of my week. Both Bachelor and Ofus were awesomeee. I <3 them. Then i went out to eat for my mom and amys birthday and that kinda sucked cuz my awesome friends? were being really rude and kept calling and everyone was getting really mad. So then another awesome friends ditched again and yeah you know how all that goes and that night ended up sucking also.

Saturday I went on a trail ride with Amy and Emily. It was kinda funny. we were all racing and Amy fell off her horse (Nestle), and that scared Emily's horseMissy), so Nestle got scared and ran off and i had to chase him with my horse(Russ) So we pretty much raced him for about a mile or 2 and he finally slowed down cuz there was ice in the trail so i cut him off and got him. that was pretty fun. then emily came over, austin picked us up and we went to bugs. all they were doing was watching star wars and that was really boring so we left and came back to my house and watched some of harry potter. then they left and i watched the rest by myself and then i went to bed. Got woken up by people calling and bitching and being gay. (Sidenote: all of the shit over this weekend helped me realize..once again..that i need to stop hanging out with georgetown people, or these certain georgetown people so much. they're untrustworthy and iv had it with them.)

So that was pretty much my amazingly boring weekend. Christmas vaca best be better. or someones gonna die.

alright thats enough for this rambling and madness.
Later punks
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