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this is pretty much for the horse people on my friends list..

Horse Quiz
A fun little quiz..

Horse Survey

How long have you been riding?:
My whole life....literally, so 16 years
When did you first want to ride horses?: Since forever
Whats your favorite breed?: Morgans...hands down
Do you have any siblings that ride: My older sister does and she used to be really interested in it....my younger sister does a little more now than before but i dont know how interested she is...and my other younger sister has no interest at all..guess im sorta alone lol
Whats the name of the barn you ride at?: Northgate Stables
What do you want to be when your older?: I've always wanted to be a horse trainer but i dont see that happening..mostly because of parents. so i will probably do something involved with psychology or nursing and obv own and show horses on the side.
How many horses have you owned?: In the family - 20+ (don't feel like counting them all) and that are mine - 3
Do you own a pair of half chaps?: Yes i do
Do you own tall boots?: I just bough some for worlds
Have you shown in any huge major shows?: Been allll the way...worlds baby

Your Horse(s)

Show name:
Intrepid Sovereign, The Bachelor MEM, and Trial By Fire
Barn name: Sovereign, Bachelor, and Ofus
Vices?: Sovereign is perfect :-P, Bachelor has trust and attatchment issues lol, and Ofus also doesn't do anything wrong lol.
Show Experience?: Sovereign was shown his whole life very successfully, Bachelor was a futurity baby then was shown a little in harness and has been under saddle for a year, and Iv only had Ofus for a little while so im not sure about his show history.
Where did you buy him/her?: Got Sovereign when i went to nationals when i was 8...he came from California, My mom bought Bachelor at a sale as an investment and we couldnt sell him, and we bought Ofus at a sale at Regionals over the summer.
How much did you pay for him/her?: Alot for Sov, $7,500 for Bach, and around $7000 for Ofmister
What color?: Bay, Bay, and Chestnut
Height?: Sov is 15.1hh, Bach is around 15.2, and Ofus is 16.2...yes, hes a big boy lol
Breed?: All morgans
Bloodlines?:Sovereign - UC Marquis x Intrepid Marlene, Bach - Futuritys French Command x Star Lake Eliza, and i don't know Ofus's : (
What color is his/her halter?: They all have leather ones
Do you own or lease?: Own
Does he/she live at your house?: Sovereign does and Bach and Ofus are at my trianers barn in Newton, NH

What color is your show jacket?:
I have a Pinstripe Blue suit and a bluish/black jacket, and a navy blue pinstripe tux.
Do you wear gloves when you show?: yea, black ones.
Do you carry a crop?: yea, my wooden handled one that i got for a bday present when i was 12
Do you do jumping or flat classes more?: Flat..I do saddleseat
Do you do pleasure classes?: Yup
Hunters or Jumpers?: Both are good
How high do you show (jumping)?: I don't show jumping
What horses have you shown before?: god i don't know if i cna name them all...Rocky, Ben, Pepper, Moroso, Scarlette, Sassy, Stormy, Zues, Sovereign, Bachelor, Ofus, Pippin, Mae, and theres more that i cant think of lol.
Do you event?: No, but it would be fun
Have you been in a halter or showmanship class? nope
Do you ride english or western?: English
Have you done barrel racing?: No it looks wicked fun tho
Reining?: Also would love to do that
Cutting? : nopee
Dressage : nah..i would be too bored
What's the highest place you've gotten?: world champ bitchh
Best compliment ever received at a show about you or your horse?: That nobody ever thought Bachelor would make it this far and that it was obvious he just needed the right rider. That made me feel really good that people were recognizing me AND  Bachelor and not just one or the other.

This or That
Thoroughbreds or Quarter Horses?:
Thoroughbred...I cant stand the way QH's hold their heads
Morgans or Arabs?: um, Morganssss
English or Western?: English
Jumping or Dressage?: Jumping
Carrots or Apples?: Both
Close Contact or All Purpose?: Close contact.
Pessoa saddles or Wintec?: umm dunno
Geldings or Mares?: Gelding's...I'v only found one Mare that i like...but she was too damn expensive :-(
Bay or Chestnut?: Bay..but i gotta give some love to Ofmister too

Past Horses - describe and biggest accomplishment

('m just gonna do a couple cuz theres too many)

Sassy - My first walk/trot horse. She was and still is a little bitch but she was sooo good to ride. My best memories with her were: when i was 7 and broke my arm but still competed at regionals with my cast and all. we had to let out one of mysleeves so i could get my coat on. But i went in the class and ended up winning! it was so funny and while i was waiting to do my victory pass i was telling the ringmaster all about my arm and how it happened and the judge heard me and congratulated me. And another one was that i rode her when i went to Nationals and we won. It was the best thing ever...and i cried because i had to get a new horse since i was going into walk trot canter. but im happy i did cuz it was Sovereign :-D

and that brings us to...
Sovereign - I got him when i was 8 and hes really special to me cuz he pretty much picked me out. we weren't even looking at him when we found him....we were looking at the horse in the stall next to him and he kept coming over and looking at me so i was playing with him and they took him out to show us. They were scared to do it at first cuz he had never been ridden by a kid before but they did anyways and i rode him and he was amazing. Well, they told his owner about it and convinced him to sell him to us. I got him on thanksgiving...1 month after i rode him. I showed him for 7 years. He always did really good and made a name for himself and me on the east coast. With him I won the Equitation Nationals 4 times, the Pleasure Nationals 3 times, Reserve World in pleasure and World Champion classic pleasure. Now he is retired and living at home with me so i can see him everrryyydayyy and he's my best friend..everrr!

then theres..
Bachelor - theres also a funny story behind him...my mom bought him about 3 years ago as an investment. My trianers showed him in harness but he never did very well and something always seemed to go wrong with him. For example - at one show a piece of the cart broke off and hit him in the hock...it scared the shit out of him and he got all flustered and they had to get excused. and another time the bit broke in half in his mouth and that also got him all upset. So he pretty much sat at the barn and did nothing. So when we retired Sovereign I had no one to ride cuz i couldnt find a new horse so i was forced to start riding Bach so he could do something instead if just sit around and we could hopefully sell him as  a jr. ex horse. I started riding him and absolutely hated him! he was such a wimp..would run into the middle randomly and completely spazz when he had to canter. So i kept riding him cuz they made me and after about a month or so we just like clicked. It seemed like he had to take some time to get to know me or something and he just started to trust me and everything got better. He's so cute cuz he nickers when he sees me and he's so cute. So I showed him under saddle last season and he did reallllyyy good! he was always in the ribbons and won the Youth English pleasure Champ. at Mass Morgan! I'll be showing him in Jr. Exhibitor English Pleasure, Youth English Pleasure, and hopefully equ. next year.

Ofus - We bought Ofus at Regionals over the summer at a sale. He came from Waterford Farm . He's a really cool horse but he's a littttlllee out of shape and lazy cuz of it. I didnt show equ. for two years after sovereign was retired but i showed equ. at mass morgan with Ofus so we could see what he was like in the ring and i got a 2nd and two 3rds! He's cool because he's sooo big and im tall so we looked good together. We unfortunately can't keep him cuz we can't afford to have so many horses so we have to sell him and we're gonna try to equitate Bachelor :-(   i'll miss him he's such a good horse..

so thats all...that kept me entertained for a good 15 mins lol
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