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The Bachelor

I had an amazing lesson this morning with Bachelor!

When we started working him and riding him, equitation was COMPLETELY out of the question, but since he's come such a long way in only a year, my trainer and I decided that we should try to equitate him! So we started with just doing simple circles through cones and stuff (trotting only) and before Oklahoma (world championships - about two weeks ago), we got him doing figure eights at the trot, and i'm proud to say that, today, Bachelor did a serpentine! haha

ok, so maybe this sounds really dumb, but you guys have noooo idea how big of an accomplishment this was for him. He is the biggest baby ever! Hes 5 years old, and has only been under saddle for a little more than a year and he is the definition of anxiety! it took us almost a whole show season to get him to canter normal without picking up the first lead he could get and bolting, running into the middle, or just stopping and turning around!

so Bach is getting braver and hopefully by next show season i'll be able to take him in equitation. Its kinda aggrevating cuz i only have 2 years of junior exhibitor left and i havent been able to show equ. since i retired my horse, sovereign. and its sad cuz i love equ : ( but oh well hopefully bachelor pulls through! wish us luck for this winter! haha

I think im gonna take some pics of him and sovereign at some point this week and post them cuz i havent posted pics in a really long time. soo y'all can look at those when i put them up! haha alrightt bye everyone!
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