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12/4/05 08:08 pm - Hi Mom!

haha my mom reads my lj..

oh well, i have a boring life so sorry i wasted your time, mom :-D

11/26/05 10:21 am

Ok, so i havent seriously updated this thing in forever. Stupid myspace...its addicting.

Today's sunday and that sucks reallly bad cuz that means the long weekend is over and we have to go back to school :-( damnnn

my vaca was kinda boring. I honestly couldnt pick out one really good thing that happened...just bad stuff.

Wednesday i went shopping with my annoying aunt

Thursday i had to play in band at the football game in the freezing cold and rain...but they won. then i ate food and went to see Harry Potter with the fam. then i got ditched.

Fridayy i went to riding in the am. that was prob the best part of my week. Both Bachelor and Ofus were awesomeee. I <3 them. Then i went out to eat for my mom and amys birthday and that kinda sucked cuz my awesome friends? were being really rude and kept calling and everyone was getting really mad. So then another awesome friends ditched again and yeah you know how all that goes and that night ended up sucking also.

Saturday I went on a trail ride with Amy and Emily. It was kinda funny. we were all racing and Amy fell off her horse (Nestle), and that scared Emily's horseMissy), so Nestle got scared and ran off and i had to chase him with my horse(Russ) So we pretty much raced him for about a mile or 2 and he finally slowed down cuz there was ice in the trail so i cut him off and got him. that was pretty fun. then emily came over, austin picked us up and we went to bugs. all they were doing was watching star wars and that was really boring so we left and came back to my house and watched some of harry potter. then they left and i watched the rest by myself and then i went to bed. Got woken up by people calling and bitching and being gay. (Sidenote: all of the shit over this weekend helped me realize..once again..that i need to stop hanging out with georgetown people, or these certain georgetown people so much. they're untrustworthy and iv had it with them.)

So that was pretty much my amazingly boring weekend. Christmas vaca best be better. or someones gonna die.

alright thats enough for this rambling and madness.
Later punks

11/23/05 09:40 pm - this is pretty much for the horse people on my friends list..

Horse Survery...don't have to readCollapse )

11/5/05 09:41 pm - The Bachelor

I had an amazing lesson this morning with Bachelor!

When we started working him and riding him, equitation was COMPLETELY out of the question, but since he's come such a long way in only a year, my trainer and I decided that we should try to equitate him! So we started with just doing simple circles through cones and stuff (trotting only) and before Oklahoma (world championships - about two weeks ago), we got him doing figure eights at the trot, and i'm proud to say that, today, Bachelor did a serpentine! haha

ok, so maybe this sounds really dumb, but you guys have noooo idea how big of an accomplishment this was for him. He is the biggest baby ever! Hes 5 years old, and has only been under saddle for a little more than a year and he is the definition of anxiety! it took us almost a whole show season to get him to canter normal without picking up the first lead he could get and bolting, running into the middle, or just stopping and turning around!

so Bach is getting braver and hopefully by next show season i'll be able to take him in equitation. Its kinda aggrevating cuz i only have 2 years of junior exhibitor left and i havent been able to show equ. since i retired my horse, sovereign. and its sad cuz i love equ : ( but oh well hopefully bachelor pulls through! wish us luck for this winter! haha

I think im gonna take some pics of him and sovereign at some point this week and post them cuz i havent posted pics in a really long time. soo y'all can look at those when i put them up! haha alrightt bye everyone!

9/26/05 10:24 pm

poor livejournal...you got taken over by myspace :(

i will use you again....eventually

9/11/05 05:11 pm - It's time to start....Ready, go!

well summer is over and school started last week...that sucks big time, but oh well its gotta happen. I'm not gonna get into the whole school thing cuz that makes me sad so ill talk about my AMAZING weekend!

Well, today is Emily's bday, so over the weekend me and Thea and em's parents surprised her and took her to Boston for saturday and sunday. So Saturday morning me and the stood on the corner downtown with a sign that said boston on it. She was wicked surprised, and she really had no idea where we were going or anything so that was exciting. When we got there the hotel wasnt ready yet so we went shopping on Newbury street for a while. I got a few things, not too much cuz it was wicked expensive! Then we went back to the Hotel. We stayed at the Mariot on the 27th floor. it was amazing, we had a view of the whole city from our window. me thee and em got our own room and em's rents stayed in their own. So we hung around the hotel for a little while, then we went to champions and watched some of the sox game and got nachos. The waiter gave us the nachos and 2 cokes each for free! he was so cool!

Thenn we came back to the room and watched tv and i took a nap, then around 7 we got ready and went out to a surprise dinner. we went to this resturant called Fire and Ice. It was really cool. So we ate then walked around Boston for a while cuz we had time to kill before our next surprise. So when it was time, we went and got in line to see Blue Man Group! IT WAS AMAZING! And i was in love with one of the guys! ahh soooo hottttt. :-D yea im gonna marry him! i am, you just watch! We had second row seats and they were sooo good. we had to wear ponchos cuz of the paint lol, it was so much fun.

After the show we went out back and met the blue men lol. I got a picture with my husband and he signed my book thingy :-D    then one of the other guys put dots of his blue face paint all over emily's face cuz we told him it was her bday. and he put dots on me and Thea's forheads so we had to walk all the way back to our hotel, through boston, with blue paint on our faces. so many people were staring and beeping at us it was funny.

When we got back to the hotel, we chillaxed and talked all night. went to bed around 3 30ish? then woke up at 9 the next day and drove home cuz thea had to go to work.

So it was pretty much the best weekend ever! I love blue man group, and im gonna go see them again soon. Let me know if you want to come!

annd thats all i think...oh, i just have to say that for the past few days i have been in the best mood i think i have ever been in! and for no reason! i love it! i love good moods :-D


9/5/05 10:01 pm - woo surveyyyy

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See xTrish70x's results.Collapse )

8/4/05 10:36 am - stolen from Gina

(Middle name street you grew up on):
Marie Andover

(grandmother's (or father's) first name favorite snack):
Barbara Goldfish

(first word you see on your left favorite restaurant)
Champion Olive Garden

(first initial first three letters of your last name):
T Mor

(favorite animal name of high school)
Horse Georgetown

(middle name city where you were born)
Marie Georgetown

(name of sibling/parent [opposite sex] cell phone company you use):
Joe T Mobile

(first 3 letters of your last name last 3 letters of mother's maiden name / / first 3 letters of your pet's name or the last you had last 3 letters of the town you live in)
Morgan Sovown

7/30/05 08:28 pm

I got a new horse at Regionals!! His name is Ofus

thats all....ill update on my week later

7/22/05 08:46 am

I'm off to regionals! yay wish me and Bachelor luck! :-D
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